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25 February 2017
Reviewer: Safwan from Denmark

109 of 206 people found this review helpful

I made a profile, and on the same day, they asked me about my license ID, I took the liberty to outline my SOCIAL SECURITY number, and left the rest as is. They then decided to delete my profile and told me that I had to send in a picture of my passport.

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, and actually more dangerious then it seems. Social security number is a UNIQUE number, which nobody has to have.

And, they also want your passport number to "authenticate" that it's really you.

CONCLUSION: If you're up, for handing in CRUCIAL information such has your SOCIAL SECURITY number and PASSPORT number, then please, join this site.

In summary, I would not recommend Shaadi to a friend.

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Shaadi.com swindled me off my money-unwarranted private info
08 January 2015
Reviewer: Roo from Sydney, Australia

165 of 305 people found this review helpful

Beware people! I'm from Australia. Shaadi.com is an organisation that has defrauded me off my money! I made the mistake of opening up a trial membership with them. After that staff from Shaadi.com incessantly harassed me through emails and other communication to buy a membership through them. I buckled under the pressure after a while and bought a 3 month subscription. Approximately 1.5 months into my membership term my membership was cancelled without any notice and without any reason or notification provided to me. When I enquired over Live Chat on the Shaadi.com website as to the reason why my paid subscription had been cancelled I was given no reason other than its our policy that we can require personal information from customers whenever we want. I was asked to provide a photocopy of my passport, driver's license, proof of work and where I work (payslips) and photocopies of my degrees. I was horrified at the prospect of sending my private details to a dating organisation who had no legal requirement to request such information. Concerned for my privacy and my identity being stolen, I refused to provide Shaadi.com such very private details. Shaadi.com already had my phone number, credit... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Shaadi to a friend.

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Worst site for matrimony don't try this
09 November 2014
Reviewer: Vikram from Up, India

139 of 275 people found this review helpful

Shaadi.com is very bad for feature and service... I tried this and I will never try this website. registration process is worst. after registration in this site, will come quick response from site to membership cost. so I suggest don't try.

In summary, I would not recommend Shaadi to a friend.

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Be careful of fraudulent profiles and international scamster
05 July 2014
Reviewer: Kelyanehotaahere from US

158 of 307 people found this review helpful

Shaadi.com has some really good profiles too but there are fraudulent profiles as well whose only intent is to prey on you. I would like to Shaadi.com members a cautionary note about the scale and extent. Fradulent profiles are being being created(and I mean paid members) whose only intention is to prey and victimize unsuspecting candidates and lure them to part with their finances by providing fake stories.
What is unsettling is that these are not one person crimes these are organized crimes(involving multiple accomplices) and involving different countries.

I wouldn't want anyone else to go through the harrowing experience of being scammed. I wish Shaadi.com would do something so that the matrimony site does not become a hunting ground for such criminal minds.

In summary, I would recommend Shaadi to a friend.

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Awful Terrible Awful, worst customer service, no honour!!
04 February 2014
Reviewer: Potential S from UK

166 of 325 people found this review helpful

After registering with the website, a pop up box with promo code flashed up telling me there is 50% promotional discount until the 3rd of Feb 2014. I tried upgrading using their promotional code but it never worked. I spoke to a customer service agent to get what was offered however I was accused of LYING!

The customer service agent being convinced I was lying told me to take a screen shot of this offer and email to ten and they promised to resolve it and provide what was promised.

I received no reply. emailed and chatted to agents they promised another 24hours and they will get back. Still no reply - after 3 days of constantly asking them and receiving many promises of resolutions and call backs, I called them for the last time. I asked to speak to someone senior not the customer service agents who read off the computer screen like robots ad are unable to listen to peoples concerns and address them like human beings.

I concluded that they could never honour the offer nor live up to promises of calling back or replying to email. In the rest of the world keeping to promises or a persons word... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Shaadi to a friend.

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Shaadi or Barbaadi
18 November 2013
Reviewer: Stillsingle from New York, NY, USA

208 of 415 people found this review helpful

I think my title says it all. I had registered with another Matrimonial site and based on some initial activity on Shaadi( as a free member), I thought of giving Shaadi a try. I logged into my free account and( just like with other Matrimonial sites), a representative( so called "Customer Executive"/ "Officer") immediately called me on my registered number so they can start to sell their "Assisted Services" membership. I was not buying into that, but instead bought their Premium Membership( busted!). There were plenty of profiles( or seemed like) that came up on my Match Board when I was a "free" user. I am now a Premium Member( and I am stuck for one year because they would not refund my membership fees) and I dont see much activity happening. Everytime I call Shaadi.com, they are only interested in selling their Assisted Services and give a reason that I am not logging on enough number of times because of which I am not getting many responses( this is BS) and that is why I should take up their "Assisted Service".

Before even I upgraded to Premium, I had a concern about one of the filters in the Search criteria... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Shaadi to a friend.

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Shaadi.com is daylight robbery of customers !
04 March 2013
Reviewer: Anubharules from India

219 of 440 people found this review helpful

Shaadi.com is a waste of time, painful to sentiments and a complete sham.
The customer care executives will only call you before you pay up for membership, once they get the money from you they dodge you and ignore you.
The site is full of fake profiles, most profiles will not have valid and verified phone numbers so making contact with members becomes a task. With time, I realized multiple members were giving a common email id as their contact details, which further confirmed it for me that these profiles were fake ones. Often profiles go missing or get deleted when you try to make contact with them. Let me also warn you that some members strike as anti social elements - I was abused and spoken rudely to by two members when I expressed after seeing their photograph that I would not like to take the matter further.

The customer care executives are clueless and unhelpful. The so called managers have nothing to say besides promising a call back which never happens. Customer care even admitted to me that they cannot offer verified phone numbers. So after paying up all you are left with is trying to contact people who either do... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Shaadi to a friend.

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Big No for Shaai Select premium membership of Shaadi.com
04 July 2012
Reviewer: Parv from India

201 of 427 people found this review helpful

Shaadi Select is waste of money and time. When they offer the service they promise so many things (calls you every few hours untill u get enroll) but they r no better than just suggesting you matches ( which is available free of cost even if you are a free member of shaadi.com)
You have no access to their Bosses or superiors as all the employees busy getting more client.

You actually waste your time relaying on your relationship manager waiting for them to arrange calls or meeting or any other help (for which you paying heftily) as just send you emails (once a week 2 matches) and if he/she gets time from their busy schedule, will call you to ask hows it going and will ask you for more sales Leeds.

They will send you matches which not way different from your preferences.

In fact the profile that you have find and expressed interest for will be introduced to 10 other profiles or cliets of them and they will try to convince you its not a right profile for you .

The worst experience was that my age is 30 and my RM was forcing me to speak to... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Shaadi to a friend.

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Shaadi - Good site to search Life Partner
26 April 2012
Reviewer: Manori Varma from India

205 of 397 people found this review helpful

I had registered my younger sisters profile last year may be around in Sept 2010. I got many profiles to go on which where as per my sisters & my families requirement. Finally from the list of 5 Grooms we selected the most eligible for my sister showed interest. My sister got married in the year 2011 & currently they having a Happy married life. Thanks to Shaadi.com for their support.

In summary, I would recommend Shaadi to a friend.

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Shaadi is a very adequate website
23 September 2011
Reviewer: Chicago ka dost from chicago

196 of 419 people found this review helpful

Shaadi is a very adequate website to get people of opposite sexes to meet
Members are mainly from USA, England, Canada, Australia, India, Pakistan
It is easy to get interests from the opposite sex if the profile is written decently and the main picture is decent
It helps to get acceptances if the people you contact are not way beyond your league as well

Lot of people will simply hold out and not respond promptly if they are not interested - so long waits are essentially a cold shoulder

Lots of the men here are looking for casual uncommitted sex, and lot of the women are essentially looking to be taken out for free dinners and rides around town and shows for free, which is to be expected in this modern day and age

The credential validation from the website cannot be relied on; and for that it is best to use your own good judgement. Lot of the motivation in matrimonial matters maybe arising out of immigration constraints and that has to be kept in mind as well - dont get suckered into a commitment with a person that is looking to get a greencard, but is likely to dump you down the road

There are... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would recommend Shaadi to a friend.

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