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How to Choose the Right Indian Dating and Matrimonial Website

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India, a country of more than 1.2 billion people! Life’s rich tapestry plays out every single day on its shores each day, and yet despite the overwhelming number of inhabitants, it’s not always easy to find love. Whether you’re Indian, of Indian descent or are hoping to meet someone with an Indian heritage, Indian Dating Websites can help you to meet your ideal partner.
Indian dating websites are designed for all sorts of people, although the majority of them aim to help people find love in India. Some are for dating, whilst others are more explicitly designed for members to find life partners. Whatever is important in your life, be it religion, caste, eating habits or simply finding someone who understands you, Indian dating websites have plenty to offer.
We’ve ploughed the internet in search of the best Indian Dating and Matrimonial Websites around. We’ve tried and tested them, comparing and contrasting them against their peers, and have come up with a comprehensive list of sites to explore. We provide a star rating for each site, which allows you to see how it performs in certain areas. We’ve also written a list of the costs and features for each website, as well as the sorts of personal traits you can search for when looking for a partner. Before you jump right into the reviews, however, we’ve some top tips on what to look out for when considering the sites and our reviews of them, so take a minute or two to read on...  
Chance of getting a date

The success of a dating website comes down to a few basic criteria. One of those is this: “How likely are you to get a date using this website?” We think about the number of active members who use a site, plus the tools which are provided to help you communicate with them. After all, there’s no point in joining a dating site with millions of members if virtually none of them ever log on or you’re heavily restricted on how you can communicate with them. Some sites can appeal to people who enjoy flirting online, whilst others allow you to arrange to meet up. Other websites may even arrange meetings with chaperones or translators. If you’re serious about finding an offline date or life partner, look for a website which scores highly in this category.


Some dating sites keep things simple: find members, send them messages. However, this isn’t always ideal for everyone. Some people prefer to join an online community where they can talk to a variety of people at once, use their webcam to chat or even play games as they talk. A good set of features can make online dating much more enjoyable and accessible. If you think you’d benefit from a range of community and communication features, check our list of features (provided with each review) to see what each site has to offer.

Quality / size of members’ photos

Whilst looks aren’t everything, it is important that two people have the opportunity to know what the other looks like. All of the sites we’re reviewed allow their members to upload photos. Some may provide a lot of storage space and high quality photos to be uploaded, whilst others may limit their members to one relatively low quality snap. Some sites allow you to upload private photos which you can choose to share with particular people and keep secret from others. If you think you’d like to see photos of a member before you talk with them or decide to meet, the quality and size of photos, as well as their accessibility, is important.

Ease of use / navigation

If you’re new to dating websites then navigating your way around them is particularly important. There will be thousands, or possibly millions of members, so being able to build lists of your favorite members, exclude others, perform searches easily and work your way through the site, can be vital. Look out for websites which record your activities and allow you to specify who to ignore or how to alter your settings. These sorts of options can save a lot of time in the long run, particularly if you are going online regularly. If you’d prefer to sit back and wait for offers to roll in, seek out a website which provides matching services and notifications when you receive new messages.

Ease of joining / registration

Some dating sites request a lot of information from their members, even before they’ve decided to pay for an upgrade. This can be useful because it means your matches will be more accurate, but it can also be a waste of time if you only wish to explore the site before making a decision about your membership. Websites which require you to use a phone number to sign up are also more interested in your security but they might cause problems if you don’t have an Indian phone number. If you think you might incur problems signing up to a site (for example, if you’re interested in meeting someone in India but live elsewhere) then check the Ease of Joining rating on our reviews. It might also be of use to you if you read our Editor’s Verdict, as this is where we go into some detail about possible hiccups with signing up.

Customer support

If you have a question or something’s not quite working out, good customer support can make all the difference. We tend to prefer websites which offer a variety of ways to access support, such as a detailed FAQ, instant online help and forums where you can ask questions of other members. Some Indian matrimonial sites will also offer translators’ support for online chats, plus you can sometimes arrange chaperoned meetings offline.

Value for money

Whilst one site may be cheaper than another, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it offers better value for money. Think about the features you wish to use and how many active members you’d like to talk to. Do you need extra support? Will you benefit from a site with a really in depth search feature? If so, it may be worth paying a little extra per month to make sure you have those things in place. For us, great value for money comes from a website which provides a superior range of features, a high number of active members and great customer support, all for a fair price.

The Bottom Line 

There are plenty of Indian Dating and Matrimonial Websites to explore, each with something different to offer. So, whether you’re looking for basic free site, or something with a bit more bite, explore our reviews and try a few of the websites out for yourself. There are more than 1.2 billion people in India, and we’re sure Indian Dating Websites can help you to find your ideal match. Good luck!