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5 Ways to Attract More Attention to Your Indian Dating Profile Page

With potentially millions of members on any given Indian dating website, there can be a lot of competition. As such, it might seem difficult to stand out from the crowds, but we’ve a few top tips to help boost your chances of receiving positive attention from single Indian daters online…


1: Upload photos

Members who upload photos receive a lot more attention. Whilst not everyone is interested in appearances, a photo can help to show off some of your best physical and social attributes. For example, if you’d rather not show yourself, you could add a photo of a pet, favourite place or holiday, or something else entirely. Or, if you don’t feel comfortable about a particular part of your body, perhaps you can show your sparkling eyes or fantastic smile to allure potential dates. Where possible, uploading photos shows a certain degree of confidence and also encourages members to approach you. That said, it’s not always the case, as some members actively seek out others who haven’t uploaded snaps, and you might even store photos in private collections to only share with special people once you get to know them.


2: Complete your profile

An incomplete profile might suggest that a member isn’t really using the site, or that they simply can’t be bothered to finish a (relatively simple) task. This doesn’t bode well, and other members can be put off contacting people who haven’t bothered to complete their profile page. Also, many Indian dating sites will match members based on their preferences and common interests, and if you haven’t included this information on your profile then you won’t be matched to like-minded members. We can’t stress this enough: finish your profiles, people!


3: Mention religious beliefs and outlooks on life

Religious beliefs and outlooks on life are sometimes more important on Indian dating sites, than they are on some more mainstream (or global) dating websites. A lot of members hold their religious beliefs as “highly important” to them in their pursuit of dates and life partners, so neglecting to mention your religious beliefs may be a big turn-off for others because it’s a deal-breaking factor for them. We also recommend completing any life-style information or sections on your outlooks on life, as these are really important to some people when they’re looking for dates. After all, a date is unlikely to be very successful if you both have incredibly different political opinions, belief systems or general outlooks on what’s important in life.


4: Specify your interests, tick boxes

A lot of Indian dating sites use algorithms to help match you to other members. These algorithms look at your interests and preferences, and then search through thousands (or even millions) of profiles to find like-minded Indian members to match you with. This saves you a lot of time and effort searching, and means that other members can find you more easily if you share common interests. Therefore, ticking more boxes/interests means you’ll receive more matches, and subsequently more interest from members. Whilst we don’t think you should lie or tick every option available, being open to new ideas and opportunities, and highlighting everything you genuinely enjoy, as well as the things you love, is a good way to boost traffic to your profile page.


5: Specify whether you’re looking for marriage

We’ve noticed that Indian dating sites seem more focussed on marriage than some other kinds of dating websites. Many members are interested in seeking life-partners rather than going on casual dates, so if you’re looking for a husband or wife, you should probably specify this on your profile. Again, the system will match you with other members who are seeking matrimonial partners. In contrast, if you’re not interested in marriage (or aren’t ready to consider it just yet) then you can specify this as a way of making sure you meet people who are just looking for dates. This will help to weed out attention from people who have different romance or lifestyle expectations to you.


The lowdown…

Completing your profile with plenty of information about your hobbies, lifestyle choices and relationship preferences, as well as photos and information about your religious beliefs, are all good ways to help attract attention. Dating websites often match their members based on common interests and outlooks, so being as specific or direct as possible, will help to filter out mismatches, and hopefully draw you towards your ideal partners. Good luck!

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