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5 Mistakes Newbies Make on Indian Dating Sites

Indian dating sites can be a gold-mine when it comes to finding like-minded single Indian members. Whether you’re looking for friends, dates or something more serious, there are millions of potential matches out there, with dozens of Indian dating sites to choose from. Having reviewed many of the best Indian dating sites around, we’ve seen a few common mistakes made by new members, so here’s a little advice if you’re new to online dating…


1: Confusion over Indian-ethnicity or India-based

Some Indian dating websites help people to find dates within India. Therefore, unless you live in India or are willing to travel there, these sites won’t be of any use to single people outside of India. However, if you’re looking for a date of Indian ethnicity who lives outside of India (such as the USA, UK or many other locations), you can also find Indian dating sites which support these kinds of searches. We recommend checking search options before signing up to a site, as these will probably give you some clue as to how many members live near you and whether or not the site is set up for India-based members, or members of Indian ethnicity around the world.


2: Misunderstanding advanced search options

Searching for members is one of the quickest and most accurate ways to find potential dates who will suit your preferences. However, new members are often intimidated by advanced search options, or simply don’t realize that they exist. If you go to “search”, there may be an option to try the site’s “advanced search options” which will usually include a lot more preferences to select from. Refining your search through using the advanced search options, and being quite particular about who you’d like to meet, is often good when you first start out on an Indian dating website, because it will reduce the number of results you receive, and therefore the number of profiles you’ll need to look through.


3: Incomplete profiles

We often see new profiles left incomplete, and this is a big mistake. Your profile page is your advertisement to potential dates, and it also helps the system to match you to other members based on your mutual interests and preferences. If you leave your profile page incomplete, the site’s algorithms may not be able to match you effectively, and your profile will not appear as frequently in members’ search results. Then, you will be unlikely to receive as much interest or as many messages as members who have completed their profiles. In short: put in a bit of effort and complete your profile page, it’ll really pay off in the end. As a side note to this: be aware that some members sign up and then never use the site for dating. Their profile pages may not be used, but they may also not be deleted. As such, you might send messages out and never hear back, because the member who created them has never returned to the site. Simply move on, unused profiles are a bit of a pain but they’re quite common.


4: Choosing the cheapest membership package

Many new members think that they’ll find a partner very quickly, and whilst this can be true of some people, it’s usually not the case. Online daters usually want to chat a while, getting to know each other before deciding whether or not to meet up. As such, it could take several months to find a date, so buying a very short-term package isn’t always the best option. Normally, longer-term packages offer bigger discounts and better features, so there’s some false economy in buying a 1 week or 1 month package because it can be much more expensive on a month-by-month basis (when compared with, say, a 6 month or 12 month package).


5: Picking a matrimony site when you don’t want to marry

A number of Indian dating sites are designed to help connect people who wish to marry. If you intend to marry then you may wish to look for one of these sites, but if you’re unsure whether you’d like to marry (or know that you don’t want to) then you should avoid probably matrimonial sites. Matrimonial sites may also be much more interested in your personal life, how well you can cater for a family, your current finances, standing in society and so on. In some ways, they can be more high-pressured than regular dating sites, and the members on matrimonial sites are looking for life-partners. Rushing into one of these sites can be a problem for anyone who is looking for something a bit more casual!


The lowdown…

Choosing the right site for you is the best way to avoid making a money and time-wasting mistake with Indian dating websites. They vary from one to the next, with some focussing on more casual dating whilst others are designed for matrimonial arrangements. If you want to date within India, opt for a site which focuses on that, or seek an Indian dating website with a world-wide membership if you wish to date elsewhere. We think it’s important to complete your profile page to the best of your ability, but also to choose a package which will serve your intentions and budget, rather than just going for the shortest or cheapest option available.

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