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3 Common Problems to Avoid on Indian Dating Sites

Indian dating websites can be exciting and adventurous places to meet new people, but there are also a few potential threats which it’s wise to be aware of. If you’re new to using an Indian dating site, here are our three top problems to watch out for…


1: Scams

Unfortunately, when there’s an opportunity for money to be made, thieves and scam artists may not be far behind. Whilst most decent Indian dating sites should be on top of potential scams, we recommend that you also keep your wits about you. Common scams include false accounts (often with very attractive photos) which try to lure you to use another site, or ask for your personal information. Some long-game scams may even include talking to you for an extended period of time and then encouraging you to give them money for plane tickets so they can visit. Whilst these might be legitimate offers or requests, it’s recommended that you never give out your bank details or passwords online, and if you’re unsure whether or not you’re at risk then you should contact the site’s customer support team for help.


2: Parents opening accounts on your behalf

Parents are often proud of their children. Sometimes they also worry about them. Sometimes, they also think they know who or what is best for their child. For better or worse, some parents take it upon themselves to find a partner for their son or daughter, and Indian dating websites have proven a useful tool for this pursuit. In fact, Indian dating sites have become so useful to parents (who seek a partner for their child) that there are dating sites designed specifically for this reason. Parents can go online, advertise their child and choose a matching partner for them. If you’re okay with your parents taking this role, that’s great, but some people would rather not have their parents involved with their love life. Some parents also use regular Indian dating sites to achieve this, and may even pretend to be their child (or at least create their profile page) without their consent. This is a quick warning, then, to be aware that this masquerade happens. It might not be the case that your parents have created dating profiles for you online, but it’s worth remembering that another member’s profile might actually be controlled by that person’s parents.


3: Failing to cancel trial membership

Trial memberships are a great way to get a feel for a site, and to better understand what it has to offer and how it functions. However, we see so many people complaining that they’ve been charged large sums of money because they didn’t cancel a trial membership. As a general tip: if you sign up and input your credit card details, it’s likely you’ll be charged a fee once a trial period has expired. To be completely safe from charges, only sign up for websites which don’t request credit card details (until you elect to upgrade to a paid account). Also be aware that your paid membership might automatically renew at the end of the agreed period.


The lowdown…

Watching out for potential scams, parent-controlled accounts and unforeseen membership fees, will help you to avoid some of the most common mistakes we see on Indian dating websites. If you’re ever unsure about any of these issues, we recommend checking your dating site’s FAQ and Help sections, or talking to a member of their staff for support. In contrast, if you are a parent (or you’re looking for a partner and don’t mind your parents being involved in the process) then you may wish to seek out an Indian dating site specifically designed for parents to find a partner for their children.

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